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All trips are planned with Kay as the tour coordinator utilizing local guides. Different trips may have a combination of guides from the various countries being visited. To assure that groups are supported by travel companies who have a proven record of excellence, travel expertise, as well as taking care of guests, your trips are planned using companies who provide supported travel resources, knowledge, and assistance in foreign countries in the event of emergencies or unexpected circumstances.

For fourteen years now, Kay has dedicated herself to trips throughout Africa and specializing in Tanzania. While those trips will continue, most of the trips were more expensive, yet there were additional touches and costs, like bush stops for tea and coffee, and costs for booking large groups for lunch and/or dinners, that behind the scenes guests are unaware of, to ensure a trip is seamless.

However, now I will be booking with other companies. Oftentimes that necessitates costs that must be considered that the traveler might not be aware of, from group booking fees, airfare booking fees, pre and post night hotel bookings, for which commissions are no longer paid and/or the coordinator is responsible for when booking groups.  There are many costs incurred with travel these days, whether you’re booking it with a large company or a small company.   Considering the time invested in planning and putting together any trip, and the costs that travelers are sometimes unaware of, we hope you will understand that travel agents often work for free, but when working with larger groups, that is not always practical. 
In addition, I am not looking to have hundreds of people join us, but a select few who may join one or more of our travel excursions each year, or even every other year. Some years we may have two trips, one less expensive enough that we may be able to offer two trips, to our regular travelers, who know and enjoy traveling with each other.  On any given trip, we may get additional travelers, and they will have to become a member of the club in order to travel with the group. I hope you will join me on the first trip and then together, we can certainly explore other options. 
GOOD NEWS! The first year’s membership will be complimentary so we’re looking forward to you joining us in Portugal.
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About Safari Kay

After 14 years of traveling throughout Africa, Kay has expanded her portfolio to include other areas of travel.  Of course Africa will always be available for Kay to lead, but for purposes of Journeys By Safari Kay, think Brazil, French Riviera, Dubai, and other exotic locales around the world. We’ll start in Portugal.

Kay has been in the travel business for more than 35 years.  To initially learn the travel business and the travel industry, Kay worked for free, on the job; with no commissions, no salary, for five years to learn all aspects of the travel industry at that time.  It was the only way to adequately learn the business and not have to depend on others to handle her clients.  In travel, like any other business, you have to know the resources to go to when there’s an issue, or when you need to do something that may not be the norm, so the best way for Kay, was to learn it herself and she did.

After those years, she was offered a position as a travel agent, where she subsequently took courses to hone her skills and learn the airline reservations system and other intricacies encountered in the industry.  These skills helped her provide the best service for her clients and the personal touch that today, is all but lost when booking or researching travel on the internet. 

Today, however, travel has changed significantly, from those days; no more hand-writing airline tickets, booking air online; and researching where you are going and what are the must see’s.  We’ve gotten away from the more personal side of travel, that I learned so many years ago, and….there are many positives today that were not available to us years ago.  There’s also the other side of it, do you know what you’re getting when you just select a company online.  This happens all the time when I meet people on safari in Africa, and it’s how I built my Africa business after years of travel. What is that extra little touch that your travelers will appreciate, and that’s what I’ve brought to the table for my Africa trips and now I want to extend that to Journeys By Safari Kay, and bringing that extra personal touch back to our travel experiences.


Our Journeys will be priced inclusive of air from Los Angeles.  We will be happy to quote air from other locations around the US.  At this time, we can only accept US citizens, due to VISA requirements often changing around the world. 

We hope you will consider joining us for a fun group of travel partners.  Kay has learned from her safaris, that her travel companions on those sojourns, were what made Kay the happiest, so we hope that you will be joining us to travel around the world to places perhaps many have never been or perhaps a second trip, but let’s do it together.

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You’ll find that your travels with Kay are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, introducing a personal touch and feel that’s not like aything out there!

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